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Let us introduce you to the most social barbeque we know – the Vulx Fusion. It’s quite simply a new way to entertain while cooking outdoors. So if you are tired of schlepping to your old BBQ and having to turn your back on the guests, this is an altogether more sociably agreeable arrangement.

It’s a perfect way to entertain over an outdoor grill, and especially if you have limited space when combining cooking and eating at the same place is an attractive option.

The Vulx seats up to eight in the round and can switch between gas-burning and wood-burning modes in minutes - very simply and without the need for tools. So which do you prefer, either the cosy ambience of cooking with wood or the swiftness and controllability of cooking on gas? With the Vulx you’ll get both.

Sits 1.1m tall (perfect bar stool height) with a table diameter of 1.3m and a cooking plate of 72cm diameter

There's room for up to eight people seated in the round

Can burn wood, butane, propane or city gas

Standard Specification +

  • Width
  • 1.3m diameter
  • depth
  • Cooking plate 72cm diameter
  • Height
  • 1.1m
  • Weight
  • 100kg

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Fusion Barbecue

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