About Us

We make socialising outdoors better, by design
Based in the south of England's New Forest, London and Provence, we think that no matter the size of your outdoor space, it can become more attractive and social with good exterior design and products.


Our story starts with the renovation of a 1906 Georgian Villa some 20 years ago. Brief to architect and garden designer alike “create us a house in which we can hold spectacular parties”. The result a 43’ open plan living (party) space that opened onto an amphitheater of some 50’ across. A hundred guests would not be a problem.

The conundrum, how to “interior design” the amphitheater with sublime lighting and furnishings. It was not so easy. So much so that we decided that we would need to create such a business ourselves. And so it began….

The product sourcing journey took us to the ski resorts of the French Alps where we discovered the convivial Fusion. It wasn’t easy to spot those restaurants that had a Vulx were very busy at lunchtime. Ski helmets abound and people enjoying barbecuing on the edge of a the piste. We knew we had found one of our centrepiece products. The apres ski bars another as the bars that were busy as the sun set on the mountain were those that had incorporated a fire pit into their outside barstool tables.

From the Alps to the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera to look for those products that would support our convivial barbecues. The dining sets, the sofas, the lamps and the sculptures. All of which we believed were needed to create a look as strong with products of great innovation and quality, to “interior design” our garden patios.

We believe we have put together a collection of products for any garden whether a city balcony, a small backyard or a large country garden.

It’s time to…..............Make The Most Of Our Outside Spaces

Chris is as outdoorsy as can be - playing rugby, sailing and skiing. He started his first outdoor-focussed business 10-years ago, designing and building garden studios. He's a keen eye for outdoor alchemy, a can-do outlook, and cooks up a mean barbecue.
Richard has a background in travel, tourism and the media. An urban-dweller, he's almost always outside - walking along East London's canals, sitting in pub gardens or roof terraces, or simply gardening on his balcony, or chilling on its swing chair.
Krisztina is a sea and costal area loving sybarite. Hungarian born, she has travelled widely and has lived in Italy and now Provence. She has a keen appreciation of super villas and super yachts, and loves a good garden and eating outdoors.

Our Aim

We are advocates for making the most of our outdoor spaces, which means year-round outside socialising with the best al fresco designs, decorations and distractions.

Everyone remembers childhood summers spent in the garden – hosepipe fights, cricket wickets and barbecues - and that first precious sleep-out in a tent. And then there was that delicious feeling when we first sat outdside a place we actually owned (or where we first felt at home at least). Our aim is to provide top-notch products and advice to encourage more of this.

And with a penchant for pub gardens and restaurant terraces, we help businesses to improve their outdoor ambience too. The UK is better at this now - finally! - but with better lighting, decor and heating - and cooking options too - both businesses and their customers can benefit from being outside more.